Logging / iPhone and iPad app

This will talk to your instruments over Wi-Fi, display the data to you so you have another MFD in your hand, and also allow you to send us the data when you get ashore. It will work with just about any Wi-Fi interface to your instruments, including ours, and has been set up to easily connect to the most popular devices. We are also producing an app for Android devices.

Latest Update

Our iPhone/iPad developer has moved on to pastures new, so we have decided to concentrate on the Android version for now. Once the Android version is completed, with the Xamarin cross-platform development tool we are using it should be a simple job to move it over to Apple devices. Because of this, we are not currently looking for new beta testers.

Build 15 Release Notes

This is a minor update to Release 14, with the following changes:

  • Website links point to the new web site
  • To help make sure you are on the right Wi-Fi network, the SSID is shown both when configuring a device and also on the connectivity screen
  • Those devices known to have fixed values for their settings cannot be edited
  • Digital Yacht WLN10 has been added to the supported devices
  • If using the simulator, it no longer hangs when the end of the simulator file is reached
  • ​Scrolling in the introductory screens has been fixed
  • Barometric pressure is now displayed correctly
  • plus a number of other bug fixes

Known issues are:

  • Data display is just very basic text boxes - this is where all major improvements will come with graphics, time plats and chart displays
  • The display has only been designed for phones and not tablets
  • There can be a slight time lag in the display of sentences
  • If only a very few NMEA sentences are coming through, they may not be displayed on the screen
  • There is no "time out" display in the data handling, so if data stops coming in there is nothing to tell the user that it is out of data
  • Support for a wider range of NMEA0183 data sentences is required, and some of those in this release are not yet fully tested
  • The system has not been tested with Navico's GoFree devices, and will probably not work with them in its present state
  • Auto configuration of our Wi-Fi device through the app is not yet implemented

Build 14 Release Notes

This is the initial public release, and has concentrated on the core functionality of connecting to the instruments, managing and storing data, and sending it to TeamSurv.

Capabilities are:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi devices that are either set up as an Access Point (AP) or are connected to the same AP as the device the app is running on
  • Built-in auto-detection and configuration for the most popular NMEA0183 Wi-Fi devices
  • Connection using TCP, Broadcast UDP or Multicast UDP, with all settings user configurable
  • Output of a "keep alive" NMEA sentence when connected over TCP, to avoid connections being dropped due to inactivity
  • Display of incoming raw NMEA0183 data
  • Display of decoded NMEA0183 data as text boxes on a number of screens
  • Received data is stored on the device, both to enable graphs etc to be plotted, and to send data to TeamSurv
  • Ability to register, log in or reset the password to TeamSurv
  • Ability to send logged data to TeamSurv
  • If the user brings up another app whilst the TeamSurv app is running, Apple forces the network connection to be dropped. The app does this gracefully to ensure that the TCP connection does not get blocked, and then automatically reconnects when displayed again