Logging / NMEA to CSV

NMEA to CSV is a simple utility that lets you select a file of NMEA0183 data (such as a TeamSurv .TSV file), and it outputs it as a .CSV file, making it easy to decode NMEA0183 data and then read it into a spreadsheet or database. We initially developed it as an internal tool, but found many people wanted something like this to enable them to use their logged data for other purposes. It supports most standard NMEA0183 sentences (the biggest omission at present being AIS sentences), and additional sentences are added on request.

NMEA to CSV converter software screenshot

Because of the wide variety of data encompassed by the NMEA0183 standard, the output covers many columns. The first line output is a set of column headers, to help you identify what is in each column. Note that it is strict in its interpretation of NMEA data so, for example, sentences like RMC include the time of the GPS fix, whereas ZDA is the current date and time. As these are not necessarily strictly the same, they are put into different columns. Although NMEA data is often repeated on 1 second intervals, we don't assume this to be the case and try and combine sets of sentences, but strictly output each sentence into is own row. Also, the output does not include a sequence number or try and add a date/time stamp to each row, so you will probably want to add this before doing any sort operations.