Logging / Android App

We are producing an Android app for TeamSurv, as well as our app for iPhones and iPads.  This will talk to your instruments over Wi-Fi, using any NMEA to Wi-Fi device including ours, and display the data to you so you have another MFD in your hand, as well as allowing you to send us the data when you get ashore.

To try out a pre-release version of the app, just open the Google Playstore on your Android device, and search for TeamSurv, or follow this link.

App Development Status

Items shown as "In Progress" will generally be working in the next release. Those in the To Do list are roughly in the order of priority, so those at the top will be implemented first.


  • Logging of incoming NMEA data, general data management, and data upload to TeamSurv
  • Numeric display of instrument data
  • Display of TeamSurv depth charts

In Progress

  • Support for an increased number of NMEA sentences

To Do

  • More robust connection to Wi-Fi and support for NMEA/Wi-Fi gateways
  • TeamSurv depth chart download from the server, notification of updates etc
  • Vessel and route related graphical display over the TeamSurv depth charts
  • Implement graphs and graphics from the iPhone/iPad version, and complete debugging