This is what TeamSurv is ultimately all about - producing data!

TeamSurv chart - Cowes to Calshot 

Current views available are:

  • Vessel tracks - updated within a few minutes of ingest into the system
  • Charts viewed online - these are manually generated charts of a number of areas
  • Chart downloads - the same charts but downloadable as a PDF for you to print off
  • New data viewer - this is an early view of the new data viewer that will display tracks and other data sets, described below

Although the web site has been lagging what we have been producing over the last few years, that is now being fixed. We are now producing fully contoured charts automatically, so it no longer needs someone to manually generate them whenever new data came in, which was previously the case. To enable these to be displayed, we are changing our data viewer, so the new one you can see here will initially replace the track viewer, and then have the other layers added into it. This means that whenever a new track is ingested into the system, you will not only see the track within minutes, but also see the newly updated chart data within 24 hours. This is then being followed with automatic production of data sets in a number of marine and GIS formats.

Note that you need to be logged in to be able to view or download the data.